Web apps can revolutionise data access across your organisation. Livestax means the IT department can lead the revolution not pick up the pieces.

What is Livestax?

Livestax is a secure SaaS that does two simple things that enable you to use the speed and power of web apps in your organisation:
ONE: Livestax gives Enterprise control to your web apps with features like full mobile optimisation, ACL and SSO support, so you can build apps faster.
TWO: Livestax enables apps to securely talk to, and listen to one another - so you can create on-the-fly integration and user journeys across many different systems.




Livestax is a complementary technology that saves costs on modifying existing systems. It does not seek to replace existing or legacy IT, but rather augment it.



Using Livestax can save up to 95% on standard project development costs and speed up outcome delivery by a factor of 10x. Livestax gets data into the hands of those who need it.



Internal staff can be encouraged to experiment, and contractors can be used either together or separately, all without creating long-term IP or skills deficit issues.



Livestax has been designed to allow application developers to try out their ideas without incurring a financial cost. No long term commitment is needed as we adopt a pay-as-you-go approach.



Livestax supports the new ‘OFFICIAL’ and ‘SECRET’ security classifications. It requires no existing security modifications and works with departmental SSO and AD implementations.



Bringing fresh innovation at user level, Livestax ensures the department has control. Apps interfaces can be modified in simple HTML and CSS – no specialised skills are required.

Join the Private Beta!

We have been working hard with a few live customers to make sure Livestax is enterprise ready, so we are excited to announce that Livestax is officially in Private Beta! We are actively looking to give organisations a chance to use Livestax and provide feedback for the official roadmap. If you would like to see how simply and powerfully Livestax can give your IT offering two-speeds, register today and we will show you how.



Our strategy is to support customers in partnership with approved systems integrators, VARs and web application builders. We are fostering a community of domain specialists that can bring industry as well as technical capabilities to make their skills and Livestax an irresistible business proposition. If you would like to learn more about our partner programme please contact us.


Public Sector

Livestax is designed to help the Public Sector use new web technologies to extend the capability, life and value of the existing non-web IT infrastructure. It has been developed to provide the capability to innovate using existing systems and data sources without actually having to change or develop them.

Livestax is a SaaS that enables organisations to combine underlying data and functionality from disparate systems and silos and make them work together in productive, innovative and exciting user views and experiences that can be viewed anywhere and shared amongst team members or whole organisations.

Many of the systems that may be windowed using Livestax have stringent security and Livestax has been designed from the ground up to be non-invasive, supporting and perfectly complementing existing security technologies and procedures without the need to make any changes. Our goal is to enable the public sector to leverage its existing IT investments, innovate at the speed of the web world and provide new and previously impossible services internally and externally.

Livestax solves four problems for Government:

Digital control: Provides cloud access to Mission IT and Back Office Services in a completely secure way
Integration: Provides secure views or user journeys across single or disparate systems and data sources
Adds value to existing IT: Brings new levels of control, access and innovation to existing investments
No replication: App innovation can be shared easily and widely within Government


Keep up to date with how Livestax is enabling organisations to build better software experiences. Please get in touch for press enquires.


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